8ik keys not working

28.07.2018 | by Admin
I can find no settings and nothing wrong with the drivers to indicate a fault. Ive been using the On-Screen keyboard but it gets annoying. It may just be one that is malfunctioning. Hi, apologies if this is covered elsewhere but here is my problem.

I can see no obstructions to the buttons, and why would they work other features if they were completely broken.

8ik keys not working
Please be careful when you need to select Cc or Bcc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ctrl key not working - Forum - Hardware. At one point in this guide, 8ik keys not working, your host computer will also be a client.
The other function keys do work, the volume controls however don't. Nothing has been moved or changed. I didnt spill anything on the laptop or hit the keys too hard. I work at an information technology department and I repair a lot of Chromebooks. Or try popping the key off the keyboard and cleaning underneath it, making sure there is nothing under there.