Automatically run macro when saving

29.06.2018 | by Admin
Lets say I typically run a few custom reports the first thing after opening the database. MsgBox You have just opened ThisWorkbook. In the VBA Project Explorer on the left hand side, expand the VBA Project folder for your workbook, then double-click the ThisWorkbook module.
Automatically run macro when saving — photo 2
You might want a macro you recorded to run automatically when you open a specific workbook. Automatically Run Macro when Cell Changes. You may also want to run macros automatically when Excel starts. Super Boy Blue Cape and Cuff Set at Walmart and save, automatically run macro when saving. This post will teach you how to execute automatically a macro when a user opens up the database.

Automatically run macro when saving
If the code doesn't do what you want, you can close the workbook without saving changes. Thanks and best regards, Reply With Quote. I'd like to know how to run a macro automatically when the xls file is closed. The following procedure uses an example to show you how that works. Save the file as a Macro-enabled workbook with a.