Broadband connection sharing through switch

08.07.2018 | by Robert
Now the problem is that if i want to connect internet through modem then in which port I plugged broadband modem LAN cable. I have connected all PC through LAN. Please tell me I want to connect internet through modem and share it on LAN, then how can I do this.

From your question i suppose that you have a fully working LAN connection.

I have a laptop connected to internet through broadband connection via ethernet cable from router. I want to connect another system and share the internet to that system also. Can I connect two PCs to a broadband connection. Check Allow other network users to connect through this computer under Internet Connection Sharing. Check out our broadband packages page to see if you can switch broadband today to a better deal. This chapter provides a quick setup checklist to get your chassis up and running.
Broadband connection sharing through switch
I have two NICs in A and one NIC in. I want to use ICS to connect one computer to the internet through the conection on the computer that has a connection. Can you switch broadband mid-contract. Should I use Microsoft ICS, a broadband hardware router or a Linux router. Sam Childerss height Not Available Weight Unknown, broadband connection sharing through switch. How can I connect both the system to internet.