Charge hr bluetooth setup

05.09.2018 | by Ophelia
I have a full battery, perfect wifi signal, bluetooth is on etc so it cant be that. Battery and Power It's recommended to charge your device every few days to ensure you are always tracking. The device turns smart notifications on and off automatically based on your selections Enabling Bluetooth Notifications.
I saw that someone posted to make sure notifications are enabled and they are. Listed, you can then download our free iOS, Android, or Windows Phone app and. Setting up the Charge HR using a smartphone running Android is very simple. You also have to Setup your Windows Server to accept remote desktop connections.

Choose your Fitbit device in this case, we choose the Fitbit Charge HR and select Set Up after that.

Charge hr bluetooth setup — photo 1
My charge will not show up under my Bluetooth settings so that I can connect it and sync it with my Fitbit app. I can confirm that Bluetooth is working on my phone. Even when it's plugged into the PC via USB Bluettoth cannot find my device. Bluettoth works though as it finds other devices nearby.