Countries where french is spoken map

14.06.2018 | by Hettie
French Speaking Countries Map showing where French is spoken in Europe, Africa, Americas and the Caribbean, and the Pacifics. However, you will hear French spoken almost exclusively in the areas of Quebec and Acadia. Where in Canada do They Speak French.

If you get one thing from this article, I want you to remember this there are many countries in the world where French is spoken as a primary or secondary language, BUT its often a different French.

Here is the list of all the countries where you are more than likely to hear a little French. List of countries where English is spoken. Heres a map of the countries in Europe that speak French. Can you list French speaking countries.
Countries where french is spoken map
The following is a list of sovereign states and territories where French is an official or de facto language. Chinese Speaking Countries English Speaking Countries Spanish Speaking Countries Arabic Speaking Countries Portuguese Speaking Countries French Speaking Countries German Speaking Countries. Countries where the Portuguese language is spoken. If you wish to attract dragonflies to your backyard, the very best attraction is a body of water, french.