Dvd not working

29.06.2018 | by Rachael
You might find a exclamation mark too in device manager for your DVD Drive in device manager. I tried updating from the web but it does'nt find anything. Additional information on bootable disks is on our boot disk page.
I was updating my DVD RW drivers with latest drivers, but not worked. Also, if you insert in disk in DVD ROM, itll flash the LED lights on it for a while, but nothing would happen. If your DVD too is also not working, then follow the below steps needed to fix the problem. Unfortunately, on start up both the CD and DVD are now not being recognised and don't function when I log on. Com This video shows you how to pronounce Gotye, dvd not working. This is unfortunate since many users still depend on CDs and DVDs. Computer CD-ROM and disc drive help and support.
My DVD RW drive not working and detected. In order to make aluminum doors and windows it is very important to have high quality raw materials and expertise to be used for an outcome that is satisfactory. When I insert the old DVD-ROM everything works again. I believe that the DVD and CD drives are linked so the problem probably relates to the new drive. Here are some quick and easy fixes that might get you up and running again. If your computer drive not reading disc error continues, it might be the disc drive itself.