Equipment manager wow not working

14.10.2018 | by Admin
Also i am pretty sure Equipment Manager Set is a server side. Official Returning Player's Guide. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

The player can create and alter multiple sets, and switch between them at will.

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Same as where you put your Spells in your Action Bars. Use these in any recipe that calls for black beans like this Taco Casserole, or just eat them as a side on their own. I want to be able to search for Stormstrike and pull up Stormstrike icons or at the very least, categories. My friend and I are having this same problem. There is no current information on when this feature will be added to the game.
The Equipment Manager is a tab within the paper doll that allows switching between sets of equipment. Creating new equipment set does work, and itll stay even if you relog. Since it is still in the testing phases, this information can and likely will change before it reaches the live servers. Equipment Manager - World of Warcraft Forums.