Front derailleur cable setup

15.04.2019 | by Kenya
Set-up the front derailleur after the rear derailleur is working. Thread the shift cable back into the derailleur, pull it tight and tighten the anchor bolt so the cable flattens. Now youre ready to adjust the front derailleur as shown in previous tutorials.

Now preset the low-limit L screw so the small chainring appears halfway between the derailleur cage when viewed from above.

Front derailleur cable setup — photo 2
Then slide on a cable end cap and crimp it in place. This is the beginning of the quotient answer. How to Rewire Your Brain to Stay Focused, front derailleur cable setup. If using a full outer casing, connect the end with the outer cap resin type to the derailleur. Then loosen the cable, pull it tight again and re-tighten it. Very good tool that you need to properly setup your front derailleur.

What position should the adjusting barrel on the handles be set to and how tight should I pull the cable.

Too high a cage can cause a slow shift, and can allow the chain to shift over the largest ring. Its top prong will fit into the head of the cable-fixing bolt, so it doesnt require removing the bolt. Replace your wheel and take your bike for a spin. Do not let dust adhere to the inner cable.