How can i unlink my facebook account from instagram

11.06.2018 | by Malcom
This question has been asked before, but it is outdated. How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram Easy Guide. If your FB page were still active, youd be able to go into FB page settings Instagram disconnect your account.

Here Ive written steps for unlinking your Facebook from Instagram completely in very easy simple steps.

Does anyone know how to currently unlink accounts. Tap it, then tap the Unlink Facebook button. I have recently unlinked my Facebook account with Instagram and now I can no longer log in to my instagram. Disconnecting Facebook from Instagram will now allow your Facebook friends to see your activities and also your Instagram account.
How can i unlink my facebook account from instagram
Now, you will no longer be able to automatically post to Facebook from Instagram. I accidentally linked my Facebook profile with my Instagram account when I did not want to. To make your decision final, tap Unlink to confirm you want to disconnect the two apps. SocialMedia by N, Content, Ads and Marketing. Open Instagram and go to your profile tab.