How do you sell furniture at auction

02.08.2018 | by Barb
If you do not know about the antique furniture market then you will want to consult a specialist. The individual wanting to sell office furniture should verify that the type of furniture he or she has is being sold and if so, at what price. In all likelihood you are selling something that is used, so make sure you are honest about its condition. Knowing your options will help ensure a smoother experience and allow you to get the most out of the sale, no matter what your role in the transaction is.
How do you sell furniture at auction
Its far better to take photos of any damage and describe it in your listing than leaving it to chance and then having a disgruntled buyer on your hands. Take all the photos you need, sign up for a free account at a free photo sharing site such as Photobucket, and embed the URLs to those photos in your actual listing. In the case of antiques or valuable collections, consult pricing guides at the library or online or ask an expert. Weve compiled a list of places, both physical and online, where you can buy or sell used furniture. Reading native English can be a scary, demotivating experience.
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How do you know where to sell or buy used furniture. Do you know if your furniture was made by a famous manufacturer. Places to Buy or Sell Used Furniture Locally. Sothebys, your most reliable resource for selling antique furniture, is here to help you sell your vintage and antique furniture at auction. It's cake coated in biscuit crumbs, which give its surface that famous, textured KFC glow. How do you sell antique furniture. We asked an expert for her top tips on finding the best used home decor.