How to clean my vertical labret

02.09.2018 | by Admin
For safe and accurate placement, go for a clean well known piercing studio with experienced piercers. First of all I have to wonder, will it be more prone to infection being closer to the mouth. The vertical labret piercing, unlike the standard labret, actually goes through the lip. Use a non-alcohol mouthwash to rinse your mouth every time after eating.

The better it is the longer itll last, clean.

How to clean my vertical labret
But if youre thinking big, the Nyko Data Bank is worthwhile. Another difference is that the barbell is usually curved, allowing the piercing to sit better with the natural contours of the lip. Now it looks a tiny bit crooked or is it my imagination. As a labret piercing is located outside and inside of your mouth, you should consider different cleaning procedures for both areas.
Idk I have a huge lip so the pain part is the one thing that freaks me out. The lip is pulled away from the gum and a hollow needle of whichever size you chose is pushed through the lip followed by the jewelry. The procedure of doing an inverted vertical labret lip piercing is similar to that of a standard vertical labret. Ive had regular labret piercings in the past.