How to illustrate a book

05.08.2018 | by Asa
Have you ever wanted to know how to create your own childrens book. This is a particular danger if youre using free art to create a book cover, in which case you need to research very carefully. If you find something you like, odds are someone else has used it before and other people will use it in the future. You want your book to stand out as unique and creative, and that effect is quickly undermined if your readers spot pictures theyve already seen floating around in Facebook posts and Medium stories.

Measure the length of the window, and the length you want the blinds.

How to illustrate a book
Perhaps youve already got a story in mind, or maybe not. An illustrator's job is to tell the story in pictures. All publishers work differently.

Find a book you want to illustrate.

I was working as an animation director and a freelance illustrator for seven years, but it became so competitive in the animation industry to win a pitch, and work was drying up. Sign up to Computer Arts' newsletter to get the latest design news. How to plan your illustrations with. How much artwork will be required for a childrens book.