How to install non molded car carpet

18.07.2018 | by Tona
Your new Stock Interiors molded carpet has been produced slightly oversize requiring some trimming for that perfect fit into your car. Most seats have one bolt at each corner of the seat bracket on the floor. Gluing down carpet is en effective method for high trafficked areas.

Remove the seat belts if they are in the way of the carp.

How to install non molded car carpet — photo 2
Remove the seats and seat brackets from the car. Before you start, test any product you plan to use on an inconspicuous spot its worth checking that both the glue and the surface youre cleaning will respond well to your treatment. Install the auto carpet over it. Store all of the screws in a safe area. If there is padding under the old carpet, and if it is in good shape, you can reuse the padding.
How to Install Carpet Seams for Glue-Down Carpet. The rear seats can be unbolted at the bottom, or popped out from the clips holding the seat down. Water got into the carpet in our car. Unscrew any seats or molding in the car.