How to make a 383 stroker faster

10.08.2018 | by Admin
Any ideas on which type would be my best setup and the cheapest. Org that will help you plan out your Dream Engine and set a budget. I also recommend you take the lifter bores too. Stated simply, more fuel and air is equals to more horsepower and more torque.

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Conditional statements helps to make decision based on certain condition. Basically, the more piston strokes, the more air and fuels gets into your cylinders, which would increase displacement. Make sure the main bores are aligned and honed and mill the deck surfaces flat. About this whole stroker motor topic. I am making the wedding cake for my daughter, and this was great. Other than that, all the other dimensions stay the same.
How to make a 383 stroker faster
What is the HP and torque gain. However, these are usually hard to find as a complete set of crankshaft, rods, and pistons. Again, hard to film with an iPhone while you are doing the work but hope this helps.