How to make parfleche bags

28.07.2018 | by Admin
Noun parfleche a rawhide that has been dried after having been soaked in a solution of lye and water to remove the hair. Video shows what parfleche means. This is a great craft for children to make when studying early American history.

A shield, bag or other item made from this material.

Noun parfleche an article or object, as a case, pouch, etc. A parfleche is a Native American rawhide container. An article, such as a shield or bag, made of this hide. Tanning a sheet of rawhide that has been dried after soaking in lye and water to remove the hair.
Envelope-shaped parfleches have historically been used to contain items such as dried meats and pemmican. References in periodicals archive. A form of stiff leather made from rawhide. Make sufficient copies for the students to share in making their parfleche bags. Traditionally made by Plains women, they are usually decorated with brightly colored geometrical designs.