How to put shift boot on automatic

13.07.2018 | by Admin
It took me a while to get it just right. Remove the gasket if you have not done. Slip out the metal ring fastener.

If you have just removed your gasket, and have not put back the shift console, take the opportunity to remove the shift guider as indicated by the red arrow.

Saw a picture on a thread here about someone putting a leather shift boot from a MT around the automatic shifter and thought it looked neat. Turn boot inside out and place one or two zip ties on the end. This video will tell you everything on how to put on your shift boot cover on step by step. Writing a good case study report on social work is not an easy task.
How to put shift boot on automatic
If it isn't, it is likely on the underside of the Shift key. The Service Manager said he would help me install, but was wonder if I need to bring anything specific. Change the user variables if necessary. Tighten zip ties and turn shift boot from inside out back to normal.