How to refresh a page in internet explorer automatically

28.06.2018 | by Garfield
Without Downloading a Refresh Program. To refresh the page instead of location. C Scroll down the list that pops up until you find the entry called Allow Meta Refresh.

To enable auto refresh in Internet Explorer, first open Internet Explorer and select the.

I think I'll never have to pick the lock. Auto refresh is a useful function for websites that are continuously updating, such as Facebook and Ebay. You can stop this auto-refreshing to stop Internet Explorer or Edge from going in for unwanted download of data. Desktop keep Refreshing problem.
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This works in Microsoft Edge, In this case, if the browser use anything in the cache and is forced to re-download everything. 'To display the webpage again, Internet Explorer needs to resend the information you've previously submitted', you can use window. Meaning of Automatic page refresh in IE. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer and most other Internet browsers available do not come with tools that allow you to automatically refresh Web pages at predetermined intervals. Learn how to disable Internet Explorer IE Auto Refresh using a step by step approach.