How to sew a tube pillowcase

07.08.2018 | by Marilee
Customize the Size of Your Pillowcase. There are some slight differences in sizing between countries but this how to make a pillowcase tutorial should fit most pillow inserts. Can't wait to make mine as well.
This Is the Only Method You Need to Know. And its probably one of my favorite quick-sew projects. Learn how to sew a magic burrito pillowcase and you'll have customized gift ideas for everyone. Learn How to Sew a Beautiful Pillowcases. Spread raw onion rings over the ribs, and cover the pan, how to sew a tube pillowcase.

Our video tutorial will walk you through the magic pillowcase instructions and you will see how simple it is.

My friends say that for serious errors on computer the best way is to re install windows or restore it to original factory. The feeling when your head hits a fresh pillowcase. The pillowcase's cuff is sewn using a somewhat different technique, but it serves the same seam-hiding purpose as French seams.