How to update carrier settings iphone 5 telstra

31.08.2018 | by Admin
There is no fee to unlock your Post-Paid Apple iPhone from Telstra. How to manually update carrier settings on iPhone. Then go to Settings General About. How do I know the carrier settings have been updated.

I had the opposite experience with Telstra.

How to update carrier settings iphone 5 telstra
As mentioned above, if you didnt update the network settings in automated notification, you can always manually update in Settings. What exactly is the Carrier Settings Update pop-up on your iPhone. In order to connect to a cellular phone network, the iPhone needs to have settings on it that allow it to communicate with, and operate on, the network.
Would you like to update them now. Today we are going to teach you how to update carrier settings on iPhone easily. Unlike other settings on your iPhone, which you can view and configure, carrier setti. Shame my US friends cant experience this wonderful natioanl carrier.