If i file my taxes today when will i get my refund 2014

27.06.2018 | by Rod
I wont be doing TurboTax next year. In fact, I rarely get things pulled together this early. When contemplating the arrival date of your state tax refund, you should also consider when you submitted your state tax return. On the other hand, taxpayers who e-file may get their tax refund in as little as three weeks after e-filing their return probably before they even find themselves asking, Wheres my refund.

Filing a tax return by mail will cause you to wait as long as six weeks to receive your tax refund.

If i file my taxes today when will i get my refund 2014
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If you file taxes electronically without direct deposit, you will have to wait an extra week to receive your IRS refund. Depending on the filing method you chose, you can get a ballpark estimate of when to expect your tax refund. I filed my Oklahoma State taxes on good time, but as of today I have not received my refund. Schematics, wiring and block diagrams. Simple errors, like marking down the wrong filing status, entering the wrong social security numbers, or even forgetting to sign your return can delay your refund. When will my tax refund be deposited on my Walmart card. And it wont be long before at least a few of them are wondering why their tax refund has shown up.