Install php5 mcrypt centos 6

09.08.2018 | by Tyron
After adding centOS Repositories, you could install php extension from virtualmin GUI. Webmin System Software Packages Choose Package from YUM. Setting up memcached on Cloud Servers rackspace. I needed to install php-mcrypt on my VPS because of an application and well, below is how i did it.
I have been trying to install php-mcrypt for a while now. Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile. If you want to downgrade PHP version for any reason, you will need to remove existing PHP version and then reinstall the new PHP with modules you want. My Shutterstock gallery Landscape, Food, Flower. Click Browse YUM, type the php extension name in the search box and click find packing matching button, and then click the package name install.
Php-mcrypt is not availble in CentOS repo. Select All and Mobile networks. You can find their demos on their companies website. The PHP module Mcrypt provides encryption and decryption using algorithms such as DES, TripleDES and Blowfish.