Install windows 7 on xp dual boot

20.09.2018 | by Shanna
From Windows XP, open My Computer and go to ToolsFolder OptionsView. Partitioning your hard drive will vary depending on whether you're running XP or Vistanamely because Vista has a partition tool baked in, XP does not. But the inverse isn't happening on my machine.

If you already have this installed, you can skip to the next step.

Install windows 7 on xp dual boot
Partition Your Hard Drive in XP. With a dual boot installaton, you will have two operating systems OS installed. Thanks so much for help with doing this. Here's an alternative method to restore your dual boot. I can see win xp on the other drive, so, how to get the PC to allow dual boot without losing all my old files in xp or at least reverse back to xp for now. To partition your hard drive in Windows XP, you'll need to download some sort of third-party partitioning software.
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Check the check box for Show hidden files and folders, and un-check Hide protected operating system files Recommended. Think before speaking when approaching a shy guy. INI file, but the boot just freezes or displays th. What is the difference between the plasma membrane and the cell membrane. A PC which meets the minimum requirements for Windows XP. Continue at your own risk if you understand everything.