Jeep liberty overheats when idling

15.06.2018 | by Stephnie
We'll walk you through common AC problems and tell you how to get your AC back to blowing cold air. When it's hot it's hard to start sometimes. Customer complaint was simply, overheating. Have added some coolant but not a lot.

Strange is that when I open the bonnet there is no smoke or burn smell.

Jeep liberty overheats when idling
I've added coolant and noticed it is leaking from somewhere underneath the jeep. When not overheating that read more. Check when the overheating occurs If it is at stop lights but cools down when travelling. The oil looks normal, there is no white smoke, no bubbling from reservoir. If you haven't, you'll need PINsentry either the card reader or Mobile PINsentry as well as the bank details for Barclaycard.

We call it the fan belt, t is loose enough to cause it to slipsqueelwhenn cold it just needs adjusting.

Some times it gets too close the red limiter which concerns me. Jpg Heater blows warm while driving-Blows cold air at idle. Is your car's AC blowing hot air and you don't know how to fix it. My coolant level is great and hasn't changed, just had the coolant flushed several months ago when I had the radiator replaced. If it overheats when going slow and under load it will be the hub.