Linq c# where not in

10.08.2018 | by Admin
Of course simulating a not in query is not the only reason to use the contains method but it's what I use it for most often. ContainsT twill be supported in EF in. It looks like this in SQL but I don't know how to write in Linq.
Right now I am comparing friendslist to all the users in the system. I cant find exactly what I'm looking for anywhere else. With SQL I would just use not in, but I do not know the equivalent in. We feel this company is on the cutting edge of both design and quality, linq c# where not in. And sends them to the Zabbix Server. This is the best way for music producers to move Logic Pro X sound libraries from your main solid state hard drive to an external hard drive.

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I need to get a list of the items in the first list where Email does not exist in the second list. The analogous way would be insertrs into a temporary table. I'm using Entity Framework So I want to write a sql command using two tables - tblContractor and tbSiteByCont tables. Theres gotta be a better way of doing this using linq to sql. I have two collections which have property Email in both collections.