Modal popup extender not working in firefox

10.01.2019 | by Admin
The code of my sample site is as follows. But even there I am getting the same behaviour. Hoping this is a quick fix and has to do with firefox's cache system.
Any help would be great or a point in the right direction. While newmember is embedded is in index. I then set up another test site just to test the modal popup extender in firefox and again wrapped the page in a master page. I have one page, n which i am using ajax modal pop up extender to show the google map. SummaryEpitaph Define Epitaph at Dictionary. This workks fine on IE but with firefox the popup is displayed when the button is clicked.
Modal popup extender not working in firefox — photo 2
Note that you can also achieve this by using currency formatting instead. The code isn't run until the Ok button on in the popup is clicked. Show working in my app for mozilla firefox but i did not anything special. Yes i have the ModalPopupExtender. I have updated your Telerik points for the caused inconvenience. Using firebug i see that no requests get sent, tarting to lose my marbles.