Multisite installation drupal 7

14.07.2018 | by Lesha
Create a sub-folder for each sub-site. Mapping to a Drupal site install. As the first line in the download page states, remember this is not a module and you can't enable it. O official Getting Started multisite install instructions are incomplete--they don't work.
Multisite installation drupal 7
Com and step through the Drupal installation. Press Call Button To Confirm Factory Reset. As mentioned, a subfolder must be created within the main Drupal folder for each sub-site.

Php and add the below code at the end.

And if rightly set you can rebuild yo. Use the master database connection information when the install script asks for it. My problem was encountered on an Apache Linux server though. In this case, the architectural timber cladding is installed vertically, reminiscent of a board-and-batten installation, but with a sleeker profile, multisite installation drupal 7.