Nagios installation centos

14.08.2018 | by Admin
For more information about how to manage your Nagios installation, please refer to the official Nagios documentation. Now, let's create a user and group for Nagios to use. So Follow the below steps to do so. However, for Nagios Core to operate properly you will also need to install the Nagios Plugins as explained in the next step.

After installing required dependencies and adding user accounts.

Nagios installation centos
Nagios will install this package on all hosts that are to be monitored. Ideally, you will be using a non-root user with superuser privileges. Nagios is useful for keeping an inventory of your servers, and making sure your critical services are up and running. Install required packages and dependencies. In this part of the guide we will learn nagios installation and configuration on centos step by step. Nagios XI Installation Complete.
Use the following commands to complete it. When someone asks you how you are and you want to return the question, respond by asking Et Vous. Restart computer may be not required. It consist predefined commands. Examine the piece for a maker's mark. Download latest Nagios core service from the official site.