Sandusky jurors penn state connections

16.07.2018 | by Laurice
Or they might take their frustrations out on prosecutors for bringing the case in the first place. A snapshot of jurors as opening statements start in the trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State coach charged with child rape. Majority of jurors have clear ties to the school where alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky worked, but legal experts think it could go either way. A judge has ruled that his accusers must use their real names during the trial, including when giving testimony.
Defense attorney Joe Amendola tells the jurors that Sandusky's accusers are seeking financial gain. Attorneys and Sandusky whispered in strategy to get him on the jury. Sandusky had located and groomed victims through his charity organization, The Second Mile. It was Sanduskys lawyer who ultimately won the chance to have jurors chosen from the local community. At the murder of Slime Dunge in dunge.

It is part of their natural behavior and helps them to exercise their instinct, connections, mark territory and entertain themselves.

He came to the courthouse wearing a navy T-shirt that read Penn State archery. If it's easy, we have the wrong jury. Judge John Cleland conceded that it might be hard for one particular juror to put aside his emotional ties to the school, but added, I hope it's hard for everyone. His cousin played football at Penn State under Joe Paterno and his mother works in the State College Area School District. The judge and lawyers seated a jury today. He reads the Centre Daily Times, the local newspaper, and has watched television reports about the case.