See who liked youtube video

22.06.2018 | by Brianna
Why do you even care who disliked your videos. In future also chances are a few to get this type of facility from YouTube. But we need to clarify the word who for this article.
Grant Kinser, lives in Dallas, TX, see who liked youtube video. Thats why I use WhatsApp for most of my texting. Hey youtube, this is a video on how to see who viewed your Youtube video. What is the most liked video on youtube. You can only learn about how many likes and dislikes you get, and from which countries you got them. Eventually I got rid of blended fabrics. Here Is Another COC Video I Hope You Like It.
The next section will explain whether or not you can know the people who like your comments and if that information is made available to you in your YouTube account. Login to your YouTube channel, Click on Analytics from the left side, On the. Just ignore downvotes is my suggestion. In some cases it should not be like that. This information often referred to as metrics, has more to do with demographics, and can be found in YouTubes Analytics section.