Slide to unlock not working on iphone

15.06.2018 | by Admin
There may be a loose connection. That's really driving people nuts, isn't it. If you can't swipe the Slide to Unlock slider on the lock screen, your iPhone may have a problem with its touch screen or may be hanging because of a software glitch. Try to open the slider by swiping at the top or middle of the screen -- you don't have to swipe on the slider itself to unlock this screen.
Slide to unlock not working on iphone
We suggest you try them one by one. Fitting oversize bar stools for use at a co. Just read on the article to get the detailed information now. Slide to unlock not working actually has something to do with the apps and systems. In fact, this article will offer you the solutions to help you fix slide to unlock not working on iPad.

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Fix iPhone Notifications Not Working. Of course, you can restart your iPad to find whether it works. A restart or reset may clear the problem. If the Slide to Unlock slider stopped responding after you installed a screen protector, remove the protector, clean the screen and try the slider again. Start by planting your hands on the floor, with your legs elevated on your bed or other stationary object. Make your eyes pop without going overboard.