Soda lime how to make

19.09.2018 | by Admin
My recipe for Fresh Sweet Lime Soda Recipe is the local style made on the streets of Mumbai. You could make you own variation by changing the herbs and spices. Fresh Lime Soda is a revitalizing drink that provides energy in summers. If you have uninvited guests this is the easiest drink to make for them.
I usually have this before or with my food. Now pour some lime juice into a jar. Squeeze the juice minus the seed with the help of a squeezer or with the help of your palm. Sugar syrup blends easily and smoothly in any liquid. Remove from the heat and let it cool.

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First slice the limes into halves. Fresh Sweet Lime Soda is light, refreshing and acts as a appetizer too. The main ingredient for Fresh Sweet Lime Soda are lemons, soda, sugar, spices and herbs. This fresh, crisp and light fresh lime soda recipe is definitely a crowd pleaser during summers. Lampwork Cube How to Make a Cube with Square Sholders and Pointed Corners. Add sugar syrup, salt and herbs of your choice.