Spquery where multiple

10.07.2018 | by Admin
Choice menu to choose from--Choice. Four Condtion with Different Data Type. SPListItemCollection collListItems spList.

If you are using Date time in your query then set includetimevalue true.

But singles are more likely to be fit and healthy. How do I use the object model to query a list. Var listItems from SPListItem tItem in list. Have you ever tried to do a join between lists and in both of those lists needed to place a where clause. Groups has a multiple lookup field called Members and contains the names of all employees who are part of the group.
In the current site collection where the end date is later than Current Date. Multiple Lines of text, Choice type columns are not supported in ProjectedFields. A query that returns events from all calendars. But the same query when used in SharePoint Server Object Model returns all the items in the list irrespective of the 'Visible' column set to true or false. Now come the Joins, ProjectedFields and ViewFields.