The sims 3 late night how to cure to be a vampire

24.06.2018 | by Admin
I have tried to drink it but when I do my sim freezes up. So if a vampire and a vampire mate, it will for sure be a vampire baby. You can then turn other Sims into vampires, explains Newman.

But if a vampire and a non-vampire mate, it might be a vampire or it might be a Sim.

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Over the next couple days, the bite starts to get itchy, and that moodlet changes. You can just cheat and enter testingcheatsenabled true then find the vampires icon in the relationships tab and drag the bar up to full, then ask them and they won't say no. I don't want to be a vampire anymore. If one of the sim's paretns are a vampire yes.
To make things simpler, we compiled the table below. This means that they are a vampire. She sticks with it though, and after two full days, the turn is complete. Keep in mind its easier for Sims to reach lots placed near roads or subway stations. In the lines below, we will provide you complete information on how to reach Simla.