Theme 1 your role as a taxpayer lesson 2 how taxes evolve

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Taxes and borrowed money are two examples used by government. Taxpayers Responsibilities How Taxes Evolve Tax Payer Rights As a tax payer, you are entitled to certain rights. Write a persuasive letter to your friend, explaining why he or she should report all tips and how the taxes from these tips fund public services. Transcript of Your Role As A Tax Payer.

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In fact, taxes are one of the reasons the colonists fought for independence from Great Britain in the first place. All my role play conversations on this site have been tried and tested. Please log in to add your comment. Underground economyMoney-making activities that people dont report to the government, including both illegal.
Most importantly, they want you to be respectable citizens. When our Constitution was being written, the authors knew that our young country would need taxes for items such as roads and defense. I amuse myself by writing short role play conversations that can be used when teaching English as a second or foreign language. An example of goods and services provided by our government. How to install a starnut in a forks steerer tube. Taxes have been a part of American history since our earliest days.