Tinymce buttons not working

27.02.2019 | by Angeline
Did anybody meet such a problem in the past. Check this page, then click the View Source tab to see the new button names. Home Topics Download Manager Pro TinyMCE Button not working.
Why do special characters which have been encoded in ajax call show up as different special characters. The problem is with numlist, bullist, link and unlink buttons. This is probably due to the content being escaped before it is rendered in your view. And Firebug doesn't show me any javascript error. Buttons above TinyMCE work in normal post maintenance, but not if the Black Studio plugin is used to add TinyMCE as a widget in the Customizer.
GET parameters are already decoded, so you are decoding it twice. When clicking on TinyMCE button, it does not display any files to select from. As a base Ill use Twenty sixteen theme. In modern-day corporate law, the existence of a joint-stock company is often synonymous with incorporation possession of legal personality separate from, tinymce buttons not working. Now when a person clicks the TinyMCE button nothing happens at all.