Truck dies when i take foot off the gas

25.07.2018 | by Cristi
One of the main reasons i think it may be the battery is because I took the battery to be tested and they said it was. One more thing, it does sound like ita. What could cause my car to not accelerating when pushing the gas pedal.
What happens if my car runs out of gas. If it is dirty it can starve the engine of air at idle. In the Lucas system, fuel from the tank is pumped at high pressure to a fuel accumulator. If any of them are loose or leaking, this will occur.

It almost sounds electronical but again I'm not sure.

Truck dies when i take foot off the gas
What caused my air conditioning to stop working when I apply too much gas, but will kick back on when I let up off the gas pedal. What could cause my car to stall when I re. I took my battery to have it recharged and it started right up. I would recommend enlisting the help of a certified mechanic, like one. I got emotionally attached to edward because I have my reasons.