What do dog faced bats eat

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It feeds on small fruits, figs and nectar. Mice grow quickly and go to an independent life by a month and a half. In the wild, the canine diet works in harmony with its surroundings.

By the way, genetically bats are much closer to primates than to rodents.

What do dog faced bats eat — photo 1
They look like little foxes with wings, they don't mind being watched while. Sometimes under Bird's nest ferns Asplenium nidus creating a sheltered area by chewing off some of the inner portions of the 'skirt' of dead leaves under the fern. So why are so few people categorized as AB. Frog-eating bats hang from branches above water and listen for croaks or other sounds.
What do dog faced bats eat
That is, they mash the fruits in their mouth, drink the juice and spit out the pulp. Large colonies of animals have developed a system of collective feeding each female feeds her, and at times even a neighbors cub. They even shelter in buildings. Generally brown, the male has a reddish collar while the female has a yellowish collar.