What does getting my monroe pierced mean

17.08.2018 | by Petra
Prior to getting the piercing done, it is suggested that the customer cleans out their mouth and rinses with a mouthwash to kill any bacteria which may be in the mouth. It can be more discrete with the right jewelry and you do not bump it on as much stuff. I look like Marilyn Monroe now that I have my monroe pierced. After being pierced, it is equally important to clean the area regularly.
What does getting my monroe pierced mean
Technically, the Monroe piercing should be considered an oral piercing, which means that aftercare instructions will include steps to maintain oral health. I have had both my monroe and my lip pierced and I much like the monroe better. How to resize a ring on a budget. I had to learn that the hard way. Often, a Monroe piercing is performed with a very small stud, enhancing the resemblance to a beauty mark. A piercing on the upper lip area below the nose.

Usually in the same place Marilyn Monroe had her famous beauty mark.

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Like other oral piercings, a Monroe will heal very. This piercing is also known as a Crawford or Madonna piercing, referencing two other famous females with distinctive beauty marks. Ya so I my snakebites just healed so now I'm getting my monroe. A piercing between the nose and the lips, modeled after Marilyn Monroe's mole.