What does purple and lime green make

15.09.2018 | by Cristen
Personally, I would not put the two colors together but my opinion is biased as I am not particularly fond of lime green. Does light blue and violet make a good color combination. What color does peach and purple make.
What does purple and lime green make — photo 2
What color does pink, purple, and yellow make. Dial and Call to check your balance. What color makes red and green light. Then add a little more yellow and a touch of white. Possible problems when you uninstall Viber.
What does purple and lime green make — photo 1
Yellow, orange, and dark green. Purple and Green are almost opposites on the color wheel and when mixed together you will get a cool toned but hardly identifiable black-ish brown. To make lime green you first make your basic green. What does red blue and purple make. A small amount of blue will do the trick as well, without the chance of muddying the colour.