What is the best legendary pokemon ever

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What traits should you look for in a legendary Pokemon. What is the best non-legendary Pokemon team ever. Use Fire blast and you'll see what I mean.

Of course it's my favorite Legendary.

But does it have moral authority. Zekrom is the best electric legendary Pokemon period. This guide works for any multi-source movies TV addon that is based on the original sou. Before the advent of technologies that allowed you to get bottled soy sauce right out of shelves, there were the traditional methods to make the sauce at home.

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What is the best legendary pokemon ever
Dealer told me that there is separate oil for the front diff same oil for rear diff, what is the best legendary pokemon ever. What is the rarest Pokemon you ever spotted. What is the worst legendary pokemon ever. Are legendary Pokemons seriously overpowered. In Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. Dude it looks like those Squawkin chickens that caught on fire.