What is the specific heat of a substance determined by

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Let us see what is specific heat of substance. We will pretend that is not the case. The amount of heat a substance can hold.

Specific heat of a substance will be indicated by c and we must note it here that word c will be written in small letter for indicating the specific heat.

You would do a calorimetry experiment. SSH Remote Execution - checking server can do it. There are a number of ways to do this depending on what type of material you have. How To Illuminating Blonde Hair Color With A Light Shadow Root. We know what the temperature is, don't we.
What is the specific heat of a substance determined by
The specific heat per gram for water is much higher than that for a metal, as described in the water-metal example. Hence they need more heat to raise their temperature by un. For most purposes, it is more meaningful to compare the molar specific heats of substances. Obviously, we need some pure copper, so we take a small piece of it. We allow it to sit until all of the copper metal is the same temperature as the boiling water.