What is the new drug called gravel made of

01.08.2018 | by Joanne
The gravel name comes from its white, crystallike appearance. This is yet another example of your brain on drugs. As the name indicates it causes zombie-like symptoms.
What is the new drug called gravel made of — photo 2
The drug can make users extremely paranoid, violent, and suicidal. The rock-like substance contains a synthetic stimulant called alpha-Pyrr. This new drug is used as a combination of crack and heroine but it is not that actually. That's right, it's crazier than the drug that makes people eat other people's faces. This makes them run like crazy anywhere and everywhere.
He is belived to be on the drug Gravel but police havent determined how much since they cant figure out how to get a doctor safely into his cell. Theres a new drug in town called flakka. This is the effects of a new drug called gravel.