Where to buy clipper card in sausalito

22.08.2018 | by Olive
Use a Clipper card to pay your fare. Com, or scan code at right with your mobile device. Find additional information about how to use Clipper and ways to add value. Disabled fare customers must have a Regional Transit Connection Clipper card.

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All Walgreens store sell Clipper Cards. Choose a ferry departure buy tickets. You can only use these tickets on Golden Gate Ferry. Where can I buy a Clipper card.
One example of this is when Pawn actors are possessed by a PlayerController. For the Youth Rates you need to fill out a separate form to get a Youth Clipper Card and you have to show proof of age and eve. If you're just visiting the area, you can pay your fare with a limited-use ticket instead of a Clipper card. Alan said, this sportsmanlike nuts. Purchase tickets at Information Kiosk in Sausalito.