Who can hit the high notes in one direction

10.01.2019 | by Judy
Annabeth Novitzki Private Music Teacher. No one can perform Mariah carey songs like Mariah Carey does. Can you learn to sing higher notes. Which is One Direction's best song.
Who can hit the high notes in one direction — photo 2
Charice sings Whitney Houston and Celine Dion songs really well and they two are Mariah's most fierced rivals in singing. M release day all the more bearable with another new track off their album, End Of The Day. He is the best in terms of singing in One direction. She looks so relaxed and happy to be singing. When she sings, she doesn't strain to hit the high notes. Her voice is a beautiful freak of God and nature.
The song is all throwing caution to the wind, ignoring the haters and letting love take its course. I have never heard anyone hit those high notes like she could. Practice the song slowly before singing the note outright. Just opened it today but keyboard not working the warranty.