Who is reys father star wars

20.09.2018 | by Sheilah
He, instead, becomes a hidden hero, like Superman or Harry Potter. In the months leading into the theatrical release, director. In front of her is a man, an older man with a beige hood over his head, holding Reys hands and eventually hugging her. Unable to persuade Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill to return from exile, Rey Daisy Ridley is forced to turn to Kylo Ren Adam Driver as the Resistance grows increasingly desperate in The Last Jedi.

Last Jedi restores the idea that anybody could be the galaxy-saving hero to the center of Star Wars.

Violations of these rules will be noted with a warning, and if the behavior continues, I will remove the offender from the group. Bring your wild conspiracy theories and your fan fiction as well. Specifically a young Rey on Jakku at night, next to a fire. The boy who lived and, thus, got to change the course of the galaxy. Han Leia Know Who Rey's Parents Are. Hes no longer a young boy thrust into adventure. You can read the full theory here.
In addition to tidal energy, who is reys father star wars, there's the energy of the ocean's waves, which are driven by both the tides and the winds. It didn't help when Star Wars fan Simon Pegg said The Force Awakens director. Is it really Luke Skywalker or even Qui-Gon Jinn. Abrams made it clear that there was a good reason the surnames.