Why are flames different colors

07.08.2018 | by Cinderella
Different fuels naturally tend to produce different flame colors due to having varying flame temperatures. If the oxygen level gets high enough, all the carbon gets burned up before it can emit light. Every element has its own characteristic set of energy levels.

Hang on to tail and pull the loop tight.

Why are flames different colors
When an electron drops from one level to a lower energy level, it emits a quantum of energy. The wavelength colour of the light depends on the difference in the two energy levels. If a burst of color is produced, the loop was not sufficiently clean. This results in a small, bright blue flame. A page from the Causes of Color exhibit. First, you need a clean wire loop. It's impossible to really help you.
The different mix of energy differences for each atom produces different colours. That means that each different ion will have a different pattern of spectral lines, and so a different flame colour. Thus, an atom of Na has different energy levels and transitions than an atom of Li. We can see only those transitions that correspond to a visible wavelength. What causes the colors in flames.