Why did nasa land on the dark side of the moon

15.08.2018 | by Savanna
The dark side o f the moon is the side away from the sunlight so all sides are alternately light and dark the same as it is for earth. The far side of the moon faces away from Earth and is relatively unexplored. A hillier terrain is seen in the distance.
Why did nasa land on the dark side of the moon — photo 1
To facilitate communication between controllers on Earth and. We landed on the side nearest to the earth during the daylight so the astronauts could actually see what they were doing. Meteoroid impacts on the near side would sometimes penetrate the thinner crust here and release basaltic lava that created the maria, but would rarely do so on the far side. Learning how to invest in real estate with no money isnt impossible, but it does take some work and education.

China made history today as it performed the first ever soft landing on the dark side of the moon.

The cooler, far side experienced condensation of these elements sooner and so formed a thicker crust. Its already been claimed that China is about to discover alien bases on the dark side. The history-making photograph marks the first time that a manmade craft has landed on the dark side of the moon. At the Moons poles, the Sun is always near the horizon and long shadows hide many potential dangers in terrain like rocks and craters. But, again, this seems highly unlikely. While all eyes have been on potential Mars ventures in recent years, theres still plenty that we dont know about the moon, with large portions of it unexplored. It marks the first time that man has landed on the side of the moon that faces away from the earth.