Why wont the touchscreen on my nintendo ds work

27.06.2018 | by Admin
I was playing Mario party on my dsi then it just turned off, I pluged it in the charger, same thing. Do you have video games that you long to play on your computer but have errors when you try to play them. All versions are backward compatible with Nintendo DS games. Mine says an error has occurred when it turns on.

Whenever i use my touch screen, it clicks in the wrong place.

Why wont the touchscreen on my nintendo ds work — photo 2
Comrade, perhaps your touchscreen is busted. Thank you to any one that can help me. If brushing the edges doesn't work after a while and you cannot use the joystick or d-pad, check for any damage on the touchscreen, such as dents pushing down on the screen. Now my problem is that whenever I try to use touchscreen pens I have, they don't work. TouchScreen wont work on dslite. Why wont the pens work with this computer.
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