Xbox 360 rt button not working

17.07.2018 | by Admin
The green ring around the Xbox button usually lights up and then immediately dies. Don't know if was caused by a Steam update or a Windows update. If i choose another player or just go start - back closes the option, all buttons stops. This looks exactly like the controller I use yet my RT button is not working.
Disable and Enable Cellular Data. And I wonder why We have to break down to make things alright And I wonder why I can't seem to tell you goodbye Oh yeah and I wonder why, not working, I wonder why. RT is used by default for changing the player, so the game instantly reacts like RT button is pushed it isnt at it gives me the option of swaping player. As it is the controller is pretty much unuseable atm. Plant and electric will get you a gummy dragon on Dragon City.
Xbox 360 rt button not working — photo 1
Now, I can definitely say that there is no problem with the controller itself, because if I open it. Once i saved it, the RT button worked again. The game is a ton easier to play with a controller. I have been through the official Microsoft steps for troubleshooting and installing a wired controller, chatted with two Xbox communit. Did you do anything special or change anything options wise when you were using your computer. I have tried all three USB ports with varying responses from each.