An extended period of eligibility is triggered when

15.03.2019 | by Kirby
The EPE begins immediately following the end of the Trial Work Period. You may request an extension of your eligibility period only after your original eligibility period has begun. During this period, their Social Security Disability benefits are not affected. You must present the revised scheduling permit at the test center on your exam date.

Extended Period of Eligibility EPE.

You are working or not working. Extended Period of Eligibility is. The Substantial Gainful Activity amount changes annually, so it is important to keep updated on the SGA earnings limits. Write out the formula to easily see the equation and the necessary calculation.
If your earnings are close to or over Substantial Gainful Activity SGA, you may be able to use work incentives to reduce your countable earnings. I really need to extend my exam. And with some of these Internet sites you can start to make money online straightaway. So please can any body help me. Only to now find yourself not able to work yet again due to your disability.